March 6, 2013


Message from NTEU
March 6, 2013

Workplace Excellence Councils Nearly Ready for Launch

The Workplace Excellence Councils are close to coming to life.

NTEU is wrapping up the process of appointing volunteers to serve on the councils, which provide employees an opportunity to raise workplace issues in a non-adversarial setting.

The division-level labor-management groups were established through an agreement between NTEU President Colleen M. Kelley and FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg.



The groups, comprised of NTEU and FDIC representatives, will supplement negotiations and provide a platform for valuable employee input. They will be tasked with examining the latest employee survey results and identifying workplace issues and ways to address them.

A National Workplace Excellence Steering Committee will oversee the various councils at the national level. During two previous meetings, the committee closely examined the corporate-wide survey results to identify issues concerning Empowerment, Communications and Leadership. The committee will begin working on actions to address these in the coming months, while the individual councils will be looking at the survey as it pertains to their own division/office and will address the issues at that level.

Compensation Agreement Update

NTEU and the FDIC have agreed to extend the deadline for deciding whether to reopen the compensation agreement from the month of February to May 31.

The extension will give NTEU more time to assess its position on reopening the agreement based on various internal and external factors.

NTEU Settles Awards Pay
Case for $2.61 Million

After a long-running discrimination case, NTEU has secured a $2.61 million settlement for FDIC employees unfairly denied a 2004 Corporate Success Award (CSA).

NTEU continually monitors pay-for-performance systems to ensure they are fair, credible and transparent.



While more than 1,000 current and former employees will receive payouts under the settlement, this is a victory for all FDIC employees because it exposed inequities in the pay-for-performance system that was applied to the entire unit. NTEU has worked collaboratively with FDIC in an ongoing effort to resolve these and other flaws with the agency’s performance management program. This settlement reflects increasingly positive labor-management relations between the FDIC and NTEU.

A neutral third party found that FDIC's pay system had an unlawful, discriminatory impact on African Americans and employees over 40. NTEU filed several grievances before reaching this settlement providing relief entitled to these impacted employees.

Under the settlement, employees who self-identified as African American in contribution year 2004 or were age 40 or older as of Dec. 31, 2004, and who received a "Meets Expectation" rating in 2004, but did not receive an award, are eligible for a single payment.

Eligible employees will receive e-mail notice from the FDIC. Payment amounts will be based on a point-share system NTEU devised.

Labor Management Forum to Meet in April

The national Labor-Management Forum will hold its second meeting next month, giving NTEU a chance to provide pre-decisional involvement in workplace matters such as work processes, reorganization, and other changes to conditions of employment.

The Forum, which first met in November, includes five NTEU chapter presidents as well as senior FDIC management leaders.

When the Forum was established last August, FDIC committed to working to bring significant workplace changes before NTEU for employee input before any are implemented.