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Hi, there!  If you're checking out this link your probably fairly new to the FDIC, or the Corporation as it's known to us old timers.  These are tough times, and federal employees are scorned just for having jobs. Now, more than ever we need to have a strong union to weather the storm of misguided public perception of the value of federal employees.

The next pay and compensation agreement negotiations begin in 2019.  All our pay and benefits will again be on the table.  For example, do you want to pay an extra grand or two for health insurance each year?  It could happen if the FDIC drops its share of your health care premiums from 85 to 72 percent like they wanted to do during past negotiations (Thank goodness the NTEU was able to hold line on your share of health care premiums!).  What can you do?  Well, if you're not a member, become one.  Join the team!  Being a member of the NTEU doesn't mean you're against the FDIC - it means that you want input concerning issues that directly impact your job (we don't think that's asking too much).  The more members we have, the stronger voice we have with management - it just makes sense.  Joining the union also allows you a chance to get involved with a great organization, after all you're our future.  Gain leadership skills through the NTEU by becoming involved!  See your local steward about joining the NTEU.  The dues are nominal (about a buck a day).  You can make your steward's job a little easier by opening, printing, and then signing the attached 1187 form below before you see them.

1187 form

Thank you for your time and good luck with the Technical Evaluation,

NTEU Chapter 274

P.S. Pay it forward.  We are always looking for good TE study materials.  If you are studying for the technical evaluation and you have some good material that could help others studying for the test, please send your files (preferably in Word) to  - Thanks

The Technical Evaluation  study aids on this site are meant to help financial institution specialists studying for their Technical Evaluation examinations.  IT is NOT the intention of NTEU Chapter 274 to provide specific answers to the test.  The material contained within is only meant as a study aid.  We caution you that since this material comes from examiners that have already taken the examination, some of the material may be dated or no longer applicable.  Additionally, new topics arise, which may not be presently addressed by study material posted to this site.

FISs, and about to be newly commissioned examiners, this is where you can help.  If you want to make the Technical Evaluation study material on the site even better, it's going to have to be regularly updated.  If you are able to update some of the material posted or you have new study material that you think would be useful, please get in touch with your local steward, and we'll get your material posted on the site.  Finally, if you want to help even more, think about joining the Chapter 274 Communications Committee.  By joining the committee you can get directly involved with communicating with Chapter 274 members.  Ask your local steward about joining the committee or request to join the committee by responding to this email

One of the most important things to study for the Technical Evaluation  examination is THE MANUAL!!!  A New York Region Examiner provides some good advice about studying for the Technical Evaluation examination.  Click here for that advice.   Below are documents pertaining to the FDIC Manual of Examination.  The first link contains the most-recent TE Study Guide   The second link contains documents (circa 2005-6), and includes the following: a TE Question Pyramid; Miscellaneous Capital Markets and Loan facts; Ratings Definitions; and Report Ratios.  The third link is an updated outline of the FDIC manual and some key and less known regulations (Outlined during 2002 by a then KC Assistant Examiner Chapter 274 Member who passed the Technical Evaluation  with flying colors in 2002), the fourth link is a FDIC manual outline from another Chapter 274 member who also passed the Technical Evaluation quite handily in 2000, and after those three links are specific chapters of the manual (outlined circa 1995-96).  Good Luck!

FDIC Manual Outline (Circa 1995-6)

  • 1.1 - Basic Exam Concepts & Guidelines
  • Last updated July 22, 2012