August 2017

Nationwide Agreement Ratified

NTEU National President Tony Reardon has announced that the FDIC Chapters have voted overwhelmingly to ratify the new three-year collective bargaining agreement covering working conditions, known as the Nationwide Agreement. Pay, benefits and travel are covered under the separate Compensation Agreement, which was negotiated and ratified late last year.

FDIC management has been notified that the agreement has been ratified, which begins a 30-day period for “agency head review,” a legal process required to ensure that the agreement is consistent with law. The agreement will be effective upon completion of this process, or on a date as otherwise agreed by the parties. An electronic copy of the final agreement will be made available on both the FDIC and NTEU websites when the agreement is implemented, and we will provide these links as soon as they become available.

Through this agreement, NTEU maintained the important benefits and protections that help make the FDIC one of the ‘Best Places to Work’ in the federal government. While most of the terms of the agreement remain the same, highlights of the changes to the new agreement include:

Performance Evaluation-Article 12

  • New language that requires Rating Officials to provide timely and accurate feedback on performance to employees throughout the rating period, with an emphasis on coaching and employee development.
  • Revised language on providing notice and assistance to employees whose performance falls below the Accomplished Practitioner level and/or is Below Target.
  • Maintained the requirement that Rating Officials must provide employees with any documentation that may be relied upon in their evaluation.

Telework-Article 20

  • Allows for reopening of negotiations on the “Home-Based Option” as part of any negotiations over Office Space under Article 51.

Adverse Actions-Article 46

  • Revised language addressing actions based on unacceptable performance and the requirement of management to provide a reasonable period of time for employees to improve performance prior to taking any action.

Field Office Space-Article 51 and Regional/Area, Headquarters and Temporary Satellite Office Relocations and Openings-Article 52

  • Revised language allows either party to reopen bargaining over the terms of these articles or the FDIC’s Leasing Policy Manual or Space Utilization Policy.

NTEU Chapters will be scheduling training sessions with employees to review the terms of this and other negotiated agreements. If you have any immediate questions about these agreements, or want to know how you can support NTEU’s efforts, please contact your Chapter President or local NTEU steward.