New Per Diem Rates Set (8/26/09)
New Labor Council Planned (8/19/09)
Contracting Government Work Restricted (7/29/09)
Senate Includes TSP Changes but Not Retiree Provisions in Tobacco Bill (7/10/09)
 Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (6/11/09)
NTEU stands ready to work with President-elect Barack Obama (11/19/08)
NTEU Again Takes Aim at an Unfair Hiring System (10/14/08)
NTEU Implements Public Service Announcement Campaign (08/2008)
A Message from the NTEU National President (7/10/08)
Programs Threaten Merit-Based Hiring (6/3/08)
Alternative Pay Systems: Flaws Exposed in Current, Proposed Programs (3/08)
SEC Halts NTEU-Opposed Merit Pay System (2/19/08)
FDIC Suspends Pay-for-Performance Program (1/22/08)
Kelly Calls for Sick Leave Parity (11/1/07)
Bair Responds to NTEU Letter On Employee Concerns (6/5/07)
Read NTEU's Letter to Chairman Bair (3/12/07)
High Levels of Employee Dissatisfaction Impede Success of Agency Missions (2/1/07)
The Surprising Rebound of Unions (12/7/06)
Contractor Workforce Four Times the Size of Federal Civil Service (10/17/06)
Litigation Update - September 2006
DHS Doesn't Appeal Court Ruling (9/27/06)
Working for You (Sept. 2006)
National Grievances on Distribution of PFP Increases (8/7/06)
Kelley Seeks Productive Relationship with New FDIC Chairman Bair(7/3/06)
Contracting Changes Coming (12/7/05)
October 4, 2005 NTEU E-Bulletin (10/4/05)
September 2005 NTEU National President's Column from the NTEU Bulletin
Huge Victory in NTEU Lawsuit Challenging DHS Regulations! (8/12/05)
Read NTEU OCC's Chapter 300 Newsletter - former FDIC Examiner H. Starr is the head of the chapter (Summer 2005)
Chapter 274 (Kansas City Region) and National Grievance Updates (May 2005)

Make no mistake: The Bush Administration and its ideological allies are employing every means available to undermine journalists' ability to exercise their First Amendment function to hold power accountable. (4/21/05 The Nation article) 
Congressman Wants to Know Why Powell is Slashing Examination Hours (3/17/05) 
DOD Unions File Suit Against Rumsfeld, Blair (3/1/05) 
NTEU has filed a national grievance regarding the FDICs calculation of locality pay rates for 2005 (2/15/05) 
2005 National Corporate Success Award Grievance Filed (2/11/05) 
OPM Issues New Regulations on Comp Time For Official Travel (1/27/05) 
Locality Pay Differential for Kansas City, Orlando, and St. Louis to be Removed (12/22/04) 
Arbitration Decision Travel Stipend Grievance (12/6/04) 
FDIC Denies National CSA Grievance, NTEU to Invoke Arbitration (10/14/04 - ) 
NTEU Grieves DIRM Jobs Outsourcing (9/20/04) 
CSA Distribution Cited as Discriminatory (8/12/04) 
Contracting Restriction Signed (8/11/04) 
National CSA Grievance Filed (8/5/04) 
FDIC Attempts to Impose New Nationwide Seniority Standard (6/18/04) 
More Meetings between FDIC and NTEU regarding "flexibilities" (5/21/04) (Word file) 
President Notes - May 20, 04 
OPM Chief Faults Rumsfeld Plan (5/17/04) 
Some Think Financial Crisis Near ; Big Banks Are Taking on Risks, Experts Say (5/6/04) 
Privatization of Government Work in the Iraq War (5/4/2004) 
NTEU Wins FLRA Ruling Over Bargaining Unit Status Of NCUA Employees (4/27/04) 
Downsizing now a painful reality for civil services (4/20/04) 
Kelley Applauds Recognition by Sen. Kerry of Voluminous Federal Contractor Workforce (4/7/04) (Word file) 
For American Brands, the World Turns Ugly (4/1/2004) 
Senate Banking Committee Scrutinizes, Questions OCC Preemption Rule (2/04) 
President Kelley "Tells it like it is" (Nov.-Dec. 2003)
 NTEU Merger Rumors are False (1/29/04) (Word file)
 Intervening Weekend Travel Update (1/9/04) 
Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Probably Won't Affect the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (12/10/03)
OPM Says Federal Agencies Could Do More to Promote Telework (11/3/2003)
More Contracting Out Woes (Oct. 2003)
FLSA Overtime Case Completed (9/25/2003)
The Federal Work Force is at its largest since 1990 (9/5/2003) (Word file)
Travel Policy Revisions Coming (8/13/2003)
$25MM Class Action Law Suit Filed Against FDIC, Chairman Powell named as a defendant (Aug. 2003) (Word file)
White House Drops Contracting Goals (7/30/2003)
Agreement Reached on FDIC-NTEU Term Contract (The Red Book) (Jan. 2003)
Agreement Reached on 2003-5 Pay & Compensation (12/19/2002)
Bush Administration Accelerates its Plan to Contract Out Government Jobs (11/24/2002)
Bush-appointed Federal Services Impasse Panel  rules as expected concerning SEC/NTEU pay and compensation negotiations (11/8/2002).
OTS Cuts Examiners (4/2/2002)
Average Raise Above 18% Indicated for Govt. Employees to Catch up with the Private Sector (3/26/2002)
Bass Wins Racial Bias Lawsuit Against the FDIC (4/16/2001)
Grievance Settlement Affords FDIC Employees New Rights In Debt Collections (Dec. 1999)