The Senate Banking Committee has acted on six pending nominations for posts with FIRREA agencies. (7/28/05)
Changing Your Pay (6/7/05)
Kansas Congressman Ryun Proposes to Gut Bank Examinations (5/11/04)
Privatizing All Deposit Insurance - Your Congress at Work (4/05)
Powell's "Flexibility Plan" - Dead for Now (12/19/04)
Examiner Post-Employment Activities Signed into Law (12/19/04)
Weakening the FDIC (9/20/04)
NTEU Calls on Congress to Reject Powell's Labor "Flexibilities" Proposal (9/1/04)
Chairman Powell Asks for Increased Personnel "Flexibilities" National Grievance on CSAs Filed by NTEU (8/19/04)
Things You Should Concerning the Privacy of Your Medical Record (8/4/04)

Legislation Proposed to Impose Strict Spending Caps on Several Important Federal Employee Programs (6/28/04) 
Colleen Kelley Responds to Powell's Workforce 21 Program (4/22/04) (Word file) 
Letter to Chairman Powell Regarding His Request for Flexibilities from Congress (4/2/04) 
Chapter 274 Sends Representatives to NTEU's 2004 Legislative Conference (3/8/04) 
Overhaul of Federal Work Force Sought (June 2003)
Department of Labor Proposes Changes to Overtime Exemption Determinations (Feb. 2003)
NTEU's Kelly Calls OMB's A-76 Revisions "Reckless" (12/19/2002)
Contracting Out Goals Draw Senate Attention (7/17/2002)
Click Here to Learn More About How the Hatch Act Affects Your Political Activities at Work (6/2/2002) (Word file)
Kelley Says OMB Actions On Contracting Out Threaten Work Of Congressionally-Mandated Panel (4/20/2001) (Word file)
Expanded Sick Leave to Take Care of Family Members Approved (6/14/2000).