April 3, 2008

A Union Member Opines on Outsourcing the IRS

I donít get it.  It costs the IRS $81,000,000 more annually in lost revenue to outsource tax collection than to keep it in-house.  Why does the IRS insist on outsourcing tax collection?  Is it to maintain the Bush/Cheney quotas of outsourcing ever more government jobs to the private sector?  It sure looks like thatís the reason, it canít be because it makes economic sense.  Also, we are at war and the government is posting huge deficits each year; yet, the IRS is shrinking.  Call me crazy, but our country should be hiring more tax collectors.  Think of tax collecting like a business.    Heck, if you can hire someone for a $100,000 (total cost) and they bring you back $200,000 in revenue, why not hire that person?  If each person hired by the IRS actually collects more in taxes than it costs to pay them (salary, benefit, overhead, etc.), why not keep hiring workers to maybe the return is 1 Ĺ times revenue over cost?

What can you do?  Well, you can write your congressional critter about this wasteful outsourcing at the IRS.

Here's an interesting link: http://www.nteuirswatch.org/Numbers2.htm