May 10, 2017

FDIC Employee Rights, Protections
Targeted by Congress, Management

For many years, FDIC employees have been fairly well-insulated from the politics and attacks that have been suffered by most other federal employees. But new legislation and proposed changes to your contract make it clear that FDIC employees are no longer exempt from these attacks and can no longer be complacent in the face of these threats.

Harmful Legislation Moves Through Congress

A House committee last week approved legislation that would subject the FDIC to the congressional appropriations process, making it less independent and prone to politicization. H.R. 10, the so-called CHOICE Act, would also expose FDIC employees to the Holman Rule, which allows lawmakers to slash the salaries of individual workers to $1, effectively firing them at will.

NTEU is fighting this bill that harms financial regulatory agencies and American investors and depositors. Learn more.