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NTEU Launches Public Service Campaign

Your union takes to the airwaves to help Americans understand who protects the air they breathe and the water they drink, who watches over their retirement, who preserves their national parks, who works to ensure a viable agricultural industry, who contributes to a healthier America where no one goes hungry and who collects the taxes that make all of this possible.

Today, NTEU launched a public service campaign highlighting the many important contributions of federal employees. The campaign, titled "Federal Employees...They Work for U.S.," will feature public service announcements (PSAs) for television and radio.



Our message. So, what are NTEU's PSAs all about? The answer is simple. They're all about you and what you do for our country.

The first PSA is called The Oath and shows NTEU members explaining their work, against the backdrop of the federal employee oath of office. The second is titled Who Can We Turn To? and portrays the work of federal employees through the eyes of Americans.

Why now? The recent calls for sharp agency budget cuts and workforce reductions fail to consider the impact on the services Americans rely upon and expect. In this political atmosphere, it is vital that the public understands just how important your work is to their everyday lives.

The first NTEU PSA highlighting federal employees, launched in 2008, reached more than 74 million Americans. We're going to build on that success, and with your help, reach even more people with our new campaign.

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Here is where you come in. NTEU is aggressively promoting the PSAs among hundreds of media outlets, but we need your help in reaching out to as many people as possible. Here are some simple things you can do to make others aware of the campaign's important message:

  1. Visit the campaign website at and share the link with family and friends.

  2. Visit us on, "Like us" and share the PSAs with your friend. Please do not visit social media sites during work hours or using government equipment.

  3. Tell us why you are proud to be a federal employee and your response could be featured on the campaign website.

Act now. There is no one better able to change the discourse about federal employees than federal employees. NTEU’s campaign is all about you; now spread the word. With your help, Americans will better understand your important contributions and the many ways you work to protect and improve their lives. 

“ ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect.”