From the FEDweek Weekly Issue: Wednesday, August 19, 2015



Fiscal 2016 Per Diem Rates Set

GSA has issued revised per diem rates for federal travelers, effective October 1, with one significant change being to raise the standard lodging rate for locations that don't have a specific rate from $83 to $89 a day. The standard "meals and incidental expenses” rate also is increasing from $46 to $51 a day, and for locations that have specific rates will range up to $74 a day rather than $71. The number of areas with specific rates will remain around 400, with 15 locations previously with specific rates falling into the standard category due to the increase in that rate, and two locations (Grand Lake, Colo., and Pecos, Texas) getting their own rates. A number of city areas with their own rates also have a $89 lodging component but a higher than minimum meals and incidentals portion. In some cases rates in a location vary by the season. The top lodging rates include Telluride and Vail, Colo., $354 and $350 December through March; New York City, $306 September through December; and Key West, Fla., $307 February through April.

Update: 10/1/15

D.C. drops from $71 per day PD to $69 per day PD, and STL's PD plummets from $64 per day to $54 per day effective October 1, 2015.