May 2013

Sequestration Hits

Furlough Days Begin This Month for Many

THREE Facts about Sequestration

you may not know

#1 Sequestration lasts until 2021.

Unless stopped, sequestration is required to go on until fiscal year 2021. All of the damage incurred to date is just

from year one. Some employees may not directly feel the bite of sequestration this year, but things only get worse.

Imagine how your agency could be affected after two, three or nine more years of sequestration.

#2 Sequestration will slash $102 billion off the federal budget each year.

Sequestration requires a total of $1.2 trillion in cuts over the next nine fiscal years. That equals $102 billion in cuts

each year. Only Medicaid, Social Security, federal retirement and a few other mandatory programs are exempt from

the sequester.

#3 Sequestration is stoppable. The solution starts with you.

Congress can still find a reasonable, balanced solution to end sequestration, but only you can prompt Congress

to act. Your elected representatives must hear from you! Act today and tell Congress to stop the sequester.

Visit to send your message to Congress.