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Newsflash - Current News
2019 Pay Raise (9/11/18)
Nationwide Agreement Ratified (Aug. 2017)
Harmful Legislation Moves Through Congress (5/10/17)
OMB Discusses Buyout (5/10/17)
General Hiring Freeze Has Been Lifted! (4/12/17)
New 2017-2019 Compensation Agreement (11/2/16)
2017 Pay Raise Appears to be Set (6/1/16)
Silence has Paved Way for 2017 Raises (3/2/16)
FEHB Rates Rising by 7.4% on Average for 2016 (9/30/15)
Per Diem Rates Go Up in Pay (8/19/15)
NTEU Locks in Favorable Pay and Benefits with the FDIC for 2016 (6/23/15)
Budget Vote Sets Stage for More Disputes (4/1/15)
Merry Christmas Federal Employees from Representatives Issa and Ryan (December 2014)
Your Future: Phased Retirement: Is This An Option For You? (July 2013)
Three Facts about Sequestration (May 2013)
Workplace Excellence Councils Nearly Ready for Launch (3/6/13)
Retirements Could Mean Advancement Opportunities Ahead (2/20/13)
Best Places to Work (12/13/12) 
FEHBP Rates for 2013 Announced (9/25/12)
Harmful legislation proposed against hard working civil servants (8/8/12)
Federal Employees, Agencies Will Benefit From Phased Retirement Option (6/28/12)
Video Highlights NTEU's Battles and Accomplishments (5/22/12)
House Panel Approves Cuts to Pension Benefits (5/1/12)
Contractors Get a Raise; NTEU Urges Salary Cap (5/1/12)
Phased Retirement Advances (3/14/12)
NTEU Criticizes Passage of Pension Cuts (2/21/12)
Discrimination Found in FDIC Awards Program (Feb. 2012)
The 50th Anniversary of Collective Bargaining (1/17/12)
Employees Name FDIC Best Federal Workplace (11/22/11)
NTEU Shines Harsh Spotlight on Contractor Pay (10/25/11)
NTEU Criticizes Pathways Programs (10/11/11)
Re-elected President Coleen Kelley gives a rousing speech at the 2011 NTEU National Convention (Summer 2011)
PSA Message to Members (8/6/11)
The House Proposes More Cuts on Federal Worker Salaries (6/15/11)
FDIC To Honor Its Obligations Under Compensation Agreement (1/11/11)
Executive Order Ends Federal Intern Program (1/4/11)
NTEU Wins Travel Decision for FDIC Examiners 9/3/10)
NTEU Working for You @ FDIC (Summer 2010)
The FDIC/NTEU 2010-2013 Pay and Benefits at a Glance (4/2/10)
NTEU’s Kelley Sharply Criticizes Media Attack on Federal Pay (12/15/09)
Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) Can Now Apply Sick Leave Towards Pension! (10/28/09)
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Make a Difference: Join TEPAC
NTEU’s Position Opposing Taxing Health Benefits (6/16/09)
Administration Makes First Moves on A-76 (3/11/09)
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NTEU Spotlight—Listen to This Week’s Report
CTT and OT Claim Examples (9/26/12)
Employee Wins at EEOC after Decade-Long Fight (3/14/12)
What to do in a Earthquake (10/19/11)
Dealing with Stress (10/08)
Tips on Dealing with Pay for Performance Evaluations (2/2/06)
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Join the NTEU! (1/24/11)
Let's Enact Employee Free Choice (July 2009)
Outsourcing the IRS (4/3/08)
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Camping on the Job
One of our members provides us names for the combined field offices.
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